Giuliani strikes out over baseball flip flop

Giuliani strikes out over baseball flip flop

The pr바카라esident said during his weekly radio address that he thinks he’ll win re-election this time.

“In an April 2015 interview with conservative talk show host Hugh Hewitt, Obama said, ‘The economy isn’t working, we need tax reform,'” Huffington Post said. “But 우리카지노he’s not really interested in taxes. And he won’t do much about it. He supports Obamacare, he supports expanding Medicare and Medicaid but he won’t cut entitlements to retirees or to Social Security or Medicare.”

바카라사이트The Huffington Post reports:

Obama told Hewitt on Tuesday that he supports “tax reform” but only if the Republican-controlled Congress passes an individual mandate that requires people to fill out an application on a computer. … “So, basically, we have this massive welfare state, but that’s not why I oppose all of it. And we are also focused on expanding entitlements to the middle class,” Obama said. “If we just do what’s in the best interest of the most vulnerable, I think there can be room to do much more than just reduce taxes for high-income people. I’m willing to accept an increase in the deficit … as a start.”

The Huffington Post also explains: